“When ten-year-old Zeliha wakes up a castaway on Dog Island, all she wants to do is find her father and head back to Istanbul. The clever four-legged locals want to help, but they have problems of their own: A long simmering conflict with their neighbors on Cat Island. With help from a Border Collie named Ulysses, Zeliha quickly wins the dogs’ adoration and their promise to help. But their attention only serves to make Zeliha a prime target for the scheming cats, who kidnap her and hold her as a pawn. Zeliha wastes no time befriending her feline captors, including Hector the warrior Lynx responsible for protecting Cat Island. With the conflict escalating quickly, Zeliha realizes that the cats and dogs stand to lose everything. She must muster all of her courage and cleverness to unite her new friends against a far more dangerous enemy. Loosely based on Homer’s Iliad, Zeliha is a tense, heart-pounding adventure as well as a heart-felt coming of age story.” Purchase here.