Fondant! Or “What to do when the clay runs out.”

Face Studies and Cake Decorating

During week two we focused more on facial features and proportions. We drew the skull and then with a layer of transparent paper over that we drew in the muscles. More contour drawing and sketching things around us, including Mr. Mack the pug, the mice, Peanut and Lucy, and Spike, the bearded dragon. After learning the face we took a day to play with fondant and the kids decorated their own little cakes. We made marble fondant, and had a sleeping dragon, a hand holding an eyeball, a hand, and a flower.IMG_1196IMG_1200IMG_1206IMG_1213IMG_1204IMG_1198IMG_1203IMG_1210

Japanese Noh Masks

We studied faces at the beginning of the week Andre turned to faces after our sugar blast. They democratically chose the type of masks they’d make- African, Russian, realistic, etc- and they chose Japanese Noh Theatre masks. We learned about Noh and the different types of characters they have and the kids drew up their plans. After creating a human face, they were then allowed to add features and embellishment to create their mask. They were out-there and spooky but I was amazed by the improvement in skill and the imagination involved! IMG_1218IMG_1215IMG_1217IMG_1242IMG_1214

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