“I have been both an admirer and collector of Lindsey O’Shields’s artwork for almost twenty years. I am never short of amazed with each new piece that she creates and her talent is unparalleled. It is easy to appreciate the beautiful works she creates and even more satisfying to experience the emotion that they invoke. Gazing upon her artwork is to feel movement within, regardless of one’s technical or studied artistic expertise.”
“Her works of art communicate in a clear and wonderfully contemporary way that collectors like myself appreciate and seek out. Each of her portraits, though unique in subject, are a compelling blend of classic mediums and dramatic imagery that offer an appeal crossing all age boundaries and backgrounds. Everyone has their own personal favorite Lindsey O’Shields piece, and the reasons they feel beholden. Her masterpieces are marked by rich coloring, bold shading and lighting, unique perspectives and emotionally charged subject matter. In Lindsey’s hands, an art utensil is less tool than magic wand; capable of holding you spellbound and drawn into their expertly executed imagery.”

Heidi Daugherty

During my 40 years as a theatre director, Lindsey O’Shields was the best Set Design and Scenic Artists.¬† Incredible artist and person who creates magic with her wonderful talent.¬† The murals she did for my home of Savannah as well as an Art Nouveau¬† powder room are breathtaking!

Eric Brannen